Leadership Development

Members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure.

Leadership Activities of our Chapter include:

Board of Directors and Committees

The Board of Directors is comprised of Patronesses who are elected to 2 year terms.  Committees are comprised of Patronesses to perform tasks and projects for the Chapter.

Under Membership VP:

  • Attendance Committee: Organize sign in sheets of meeting and events, enter attendance into website using mobile app.
  • Membership Committee:  This committee consists of one representative selected from each grade level.

Under Communications VP:

  • Communications Team:  Roles Available: Newsletter Editors, Public Relations, Reporter, Photographer, Social Media Coordinator
  • Website Management Team:  Assist with website content management, member contact info, file management, report production, other.

Under Philanthropy VP:

  • Philanthropy Development Committee: Research and develop new philanthropy opportunities; review current philanthropy relationships for effectiveness and member satisfaction and support Grade Level Advisors in execution of Ticktocker grant applications.
  • Philanthropy Projects Committee: Coordinate annual Philanthropy Fair at June kick-off meeting and assist with philanthropy projects at General Member Meetings or Patroness Meetings.

Under Patroness Activities VP:

  • Patroness Program Development Committee:  Identify and secure dynamic speakers and develop meeting programs for General Meetings, Patroness Meetings and Mother Daughter Tea that support the three pillars of our mission: leadership, culture and philanthropy.
  • Mother Daughter Tea Committee: Coordinate annual event, find speaker, set up/take down, etc.

Under Ticktocker VP:

  • Ticktocker Program Development Committee:  Review and generate grant proposal ideas, assist with Ticktocker Council implementation; assist with Ticktocker elections issues, and back-up Ticktocker VP and Grade Level Advisors on big projects.
  • Grade Level Advisor Committee: Grade Level Advisors only

Under Ways & Means VP:

  • Ways & Means Committee: Manage the orders, sales, transactions and design approval of the Chapter’s NCL, Inc. logo-wear. Support the selling effort of these items when appropriate such as at General Member Meetings, etc.

Under Parlimentarian

  • Nominating Committee: Work with Parlimentarian to recruit nominees for the next Board of Directors.




Grade Level Officers

Ticktocker Motto: We search for charity within ourselves and strive for the graciousness to share it with others.

Purpose: Ticktocker groups are organized to initiate and encourage charitable endeavors and to foster the mother-daughter relationship in philanthropic, educational, leadership and cultural training.

Class Officers:  Officers are self nominated and elected by class members each year.  Officers and class members are trained in parliamentarian procedure and conduct their own meetings, with the support of Grade Level Advisors.  The Officers and class members also organize philanthropy projects for their own purposes and/or for the Chapter to participate in.